Apple IPhone launch in India

on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Its confirmed India's Bharti-Airtel will be launching 3G IPhone in India.Bharti is said to have signed the deal with Apple in May.The dual carrier business concept by Apple will permit another Indian contender for the bringing the 3G iPhone in India.The probability is Vodafone as it had announced earlier but with no later confirmation.With the IPhone priced in US at $199 for a 8GB model it won't be surprising if it launched in India with a price tag of around Rs 10000 range giving tough competition to Sony and Nokia phones.With the stylish looks and the cool touchpad with a 3.5 inch screen and the enterprise applications it won't be surprising if it builds up a huge fan following among college and office goers alike within a short period.
With the cellular market in India growing at a phenomenal rate and the festive season starting in September it won't be surprising if India is one of the countries where IPhone will be launched on July 11,2008.No tentative dates have been given by Apple with regards to its launch in India.

The only disadvantage seems to be IPhone sticking to one or two carriers as there are more than 5 major carriers with a huge subscriber base.

Well, its about time the Apple fever catches up in India.
And maybe Steve Jobs comes again to India as he had done in his youth for spiritual solace but this time to give tech crazy people like me some solace.
Till then Ciao.


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Hi Exactly as you say.