A Farewell to Blood, Race, and Everything Else

on Friday, September 26, 2008

Speech: A Farewell to Blood, Race, and Everything Else
Before I say anything else, first let me say, I am (partly) Chinese. Not that I'm proud of it. In
fact, I'm ashamed to admit it. Although the Chinese are an ancient race with an interesting history, what
was the purpose? You can't call it the "Chinese History," because the wars fought by the Chinese were
mostly against each other. Take the Romance of Three Kingdoms. Three kingdoms fighting amongst
each other. And they are Chinese. One Chinese kingdom wages war on his brethren, and for the
purpose of expansion of territory. It's more acceptable and understandable to wage war on another
country for the purpose of expansion.
Take modern China and compare it to the state of the United States during the Civil War.
If the Tibetans throw a fit and want to become their own country, China drops in and says "Hell
no, you belong to us you damned idiots. We won't abide your disregard for our rule. Time to teach you
a lesson." Then the protesters and their fellow Tibetans are rounded up and slammed into detention
centers and the like. Most of these people were then used in the "BODIES... The Exhibition" exhibit at
museums. And you, my fellow Chinese, you call yourselves a great race? You're sickening. You're
almost as bad as Nazi Germany. The only difference is you're doing this to your own countrymen. Can
you remember Tianamen Square? The blood, the gunfire, the screams. Civilians, cut down in swaths,
and they were there demonstrating a basic right, one that is guaranteed by nature, for if nature did not
provide the tongue, mouth, and throat, and you had not a voice, then you would not be able to speak.
But since nature has provided it, it is guaranteed, no, intended that you should have freedom of
During the American Civil War, the South first chose to secede. They formed the Confederate
States of America. Yes, the Union (North) chose to attack in order to maintain a united America, but the
reason was later determined to be to end slavery. I do not think my fellow Chinese would approve of
slavery unless it was of all races but the Chinese. Therein lies their fault, for I have seen it in China.
They enslave their own people. And so they do in Myanmar. Vietnam. North Korea. But not so, not in
Japan or South Korea, and I have not seen it in Taiwan either. (Please refrain from calling Taiwan a part
of China, for it is its own nation, the Republic of China.)
And there is another blow that the Chinese government strikes to its own people. Communist
China calls itself the "People's Republic of China." Taiwan is called the "Republic of China." If
Communist China were truly the People's Republic of China, the people would be guaranteed their
rights, the elections would not be rigged. Also, the people would not be oppressed.
Take a look at this now. This is a political/social joke, done in Adobe Photoshop.
Among the dictators are listed George W. Bush (Yes, we hate our president for the Iraq mess), Osama
bin Laden (Well, he did bomb the U.S.), Apple (Everyone has to have an iPod), Hu Jintao (Current
"President" of China), and Mao Zedong (The "Chairman" that started it all).
So who really is civilized? What is the meaning of race? Is any one government better than the
rest? Is your own race really something to be proud of? I speak not as a Chinese, Russian, Japanese,
German, Italian, nor any other of my blood. I speak as a human being.
And now the answers to those questions.
The civilized peoples would be all as equal as possible. No one person would be better than the
other, and they would hold each other in the same view as they would themselves.
Worst Dictators In History
Race is a complicated thing. But there really should be no racial division, not even for reasons
of pride. All people should regard themselves as humans, not Chinese, not African, not British, not
Japanese, not any race. We are all human beings, and all of us are made equal. Even if there was no
God, we can still say that all people are created equal. No, not "All men are created equal," for there are
also women in this world. Remember, you are a human, regardless of race, and you should treat all
others as humans as well.
There is no one government that is ultimately best. Communism, if it had not been corrupted,
would have had its benefits. However, the Soviet Union and the Chinese Communist Party twisted it so
much that it had become incapable of any significantly good changes. Democratic governments, such
as the one in the United States are usually more capable than others, but sometimes corrupted officials
must be impeached and on some occasions, the people make the wrong choices. It would be best if
there was a government that evenly balanced power, wealth, and everything else.
Race... It's not really something to be proud of or ashamed of. It's just a term. Race means
nothing. Humanity is the most important.
In conclusion, I must say that China, should be invaded by the rest of the world, and control of
the country handed over to the Western Powers. The United Nations should maintain an internationally
controlled government in Manchuria, and habitation of Western China should be initiated.
Thank you for listening.